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I love Etsy and the designs the artists create for you to buy. It's innovating, unique and just beautiful; if I'm honest there is literally not enough words to describe how much I love this site. Etsy is described by their website is to "Find handmade, vintage and unique goods that express who you are". It's great because it has pretty much everything you could think of and for every occasion as well. I stumbled across this website by accident because I was looking for something (sorry I can't quite remember but I know it was video game related). I will be listing all my video game merchandise that I have brought through their website and once again I'm not being paid to advertise/getting any benefit from mentioning these artists. 

Pokémon Towels 

This was actually my first purchase from Etsy and the minute it came I was in love with this site. I was looking for a cool beach towel to take on holiday and I stumbled across the seller called InspiredByNerd. I showed my partner he liked them to and so we brought two. My one is the water towel because the irony of using a towel (I thought I was funny but I'm really not XD). My partner picked the fire towel because I believe that's his favourite type of Pokémon. I just loved these because one Pokémon is one of my favourite animes and two it reminded me so much of the playing cards that I used to have as a child. I couldn't take mine on holiday because I love it too much. They are now our bath towels and they have even been multiple washes and they are still in good condition (picture doesn't do it justice)!!

Majora's Mask 

After I completed Majora's mask there were two things I wanted the Mask and the Skull Kid figurine (which I had to get off the Nintendo Website when they made more copies). To my surprise I actually found the mask from a seller called MasenkoProps. The problem I had was I was constantly putting off buying it for some reason and when I eventually decided to buy it went out of stock. I waited patiently (I think it was months or it felt like it) and they eventually came back in stock. I took the plunge and brought Majora's Mask had to then wait again for it to be made/sent to me. When it arrived, I didn't realise how big it was (yes, the seller did have the measurements but the common theme with me is that I buy it and deal with it later!!). The seller included a really cool hook so that I can wall mount it. In the end didn't use the hook  as I already have hooks on the wall.

Persona 5 Tarot Card Fool Arcana Keyring

Persona 5 is one of my favourite video games that came out this year and I literally couldn't put it down (only when I raged quit I did XD). I completed Persona 5 (have not yet since be able to find a story I have really been into since end of June)!! I had recently brought my first car that month and I already had a lot of keyrings on my house keys I didn't want to put my car key on it. I got a Loot Anime mobile charm on it in the first instance (it's so helpful it – glows in the dark!!) and this makes it easier for me find. There were loads of Tarot Cards in Persona 5 that I could have picked from RosHandmades and these could either be in a necklace or a keyring form. I chose the Fool Arcana because that was my character and I know it sounds weird but I had connection with the character Joker I played. In some respects I felt that with getting my first car was almost a new journey like in Persona 5. Sounds cheesy but there's no other way to describe it haha!!

Persona 5 Joker Pencil Case 

The Pencil Case is something that I recently ordered and I haven't received it yet because I have to allow time for the seller to make it/send it to me. I wanted a small pencil case because I'm currently doing a part time course for work in Accounting. I have quite a few pens in my hand bag and as most women would understand you can find all the useful things you don't need but not what you wanted. I once again stumbled across this when I was just looking at generic pencil cases and I found MooncakeMerch with their adorable designs. I mentioned before with my connection to Joker in Persona 5 I couldn't resist. I have taken a screenshot of my order but I will update you guys on what it actually looks like when it arrives.

I hope you enjoyed reading my items I got off Etsy and I just love this site. I would love to hear your experience of Etsy or whether there is a recommended artist/seller on there. I can't wait to discover more and it won't be hard with all the different items they have to offer!!


  1. These products are so cool! Love the Pokemon towel in particular

  2. Those towels are so cool! I need to have a look on etsy, I’ve never bought anything from there but they seem to have really cool stuff!x

  3. I absolutely love that pencil case! Hope it comes soon :) great post!!

  4. What an interesting read I love stay, and had never thought to check out video game merchandise from there! The towels are so cute ☺

  5. I’ve bought things from Etsy before but I never thought to check out their gaming merchandise. I’ll have to do that.

  6. the towels are so cute!! and I love etsy too xx

  7. I've seen some really cool DBZ, street fighter and Mortal Kombat laptop skins on Etsy - great post! ☺️


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