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I know when I’ve been looking on the internet that wonderful things have appeared that, I would love to add to my video game collection. It’s either really expensive, you’re not able to buy or it’s rare/uncommon but none the less I still can’t help but dream about having it. This also includes some merchandise from my favourite games. I would like to add that I haven't been paid/asked or getting any benefits from mentioning these sites or channels in this blog. This is all my own personal opinion and this is what I personally want to add to my collection. In no particular here is my list of video games merchandise I wish I could have.

Saw Cleaver from Bloodborne

When I saw that Baltimore Knife on Man at Arms had created a replica of the Saw Cleaver from Bloodborne my heart literally skipped a beat. I didn’t think anyone would create the Saw Cleaver which by the way is my favourite weapon in Bloodborne. I completed the game just sticking to this weapon and I just love the fact you can extend it or fold it in. My partner loves collecting replica swords from films, animes and video games which in some respects made start thinking what I want. I really wanted this to be my first sword/weapon replica but sadly I don’t think you can buy it. I am gutted but I couldn’t even imagine how much it would cost to make and post it to the UK. My bank account is already cringing at the thought of it and trying to get it through Customs is another issue. I will sadly have to carry on dreaming about having the Saw Cleaver.

Spyro the Dragon Exclusive Statue 

On Facebook I follow a group called First 4 Figures who create Statues of your favourite characters from video games and some anime characters as well. When I saw on my newsfeed that they were releasing a Spyro statue I was beyond excited especially the exclusive edition. The fire platform he stands on lights up and I was like OMG I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!!!!!!!! Then sadly reality kicked in and I couldn’t buy it for a number of reasons. One is that I have a First 4 Figure Okami Exclusive statue (which is epically awesome and very big) which meant I had no room to for it and my partner said I wasn’t allowed anymore. I would have loved to have the Spyro statue because it was my favourite PS1 game. I actually completed the game when I was younger. I even brought the game on my PS Vita because I love this game so much, that I collected all the gems and dragons. I will just have to keep it on my wish list for now.

Link to First 4 Figures Website:

Replenished Poster by Wes Talbott on Fangamer 

I was watching a Youtuber called Erika Szabo and she was showing all of her purchases from Fangamer website. Fangamer is a site that supports individual artists that create unique video game merchandise which includes posters, books, apparel and much more. I was really impressed with the quality I saw on her video and so I decided to have a browse on their website. I came across this really cool poster called Replenished which is a depiction of a fairy giving Link a Heart Container. To me this would look absolutely beautiful in a frame but the only issue is that I haven’t got enough room on in our flat. It would end up being kept in storage until we moved and if I were to buy it I would want to put it on display almost immediately. I have linked the website, there are lots of other cool franchise on there like Pokémon.

Link to Website: 

Kanto Art Prints & Legend of Hero Prints by Kari Fry on Fangamer 

In Erika Szabo she featured the Legend of the Hero Print set and the Legend of Hero Book (with other cool stuff she got as well). I felt the prints were really unique and I really like the artist’s style on these prints. I am a fan of art such as this and it instantly went onto my wish list. I just love how Kari Fry has captured the essence of Hylian which takes me back to the opening cutscene of Windwaker. It would also look nice with the Windwaker The Hero of Time Tapestry that I got from Comic Con. The Hero of Time tapestry depicts the Islanders continuing the tradition of dressing boys of age in the green garbs. They believed it would show them same courage as the Hero of Time.

I included the Pokémon Kanto Prints which captured what Pokémon would have looked realistically. I love how Kairi Fry has made them look like research drawings which sums up Pokémon. I have only seen them on Fangamer website but they are absolutely beautiful and I can’t describe how much it would mean to me to have these. Pokémon is one of my first animes I watched as child and it was the one thing I looked forward to watching on a Saturday morning in the 90’s/00’s. In those days we didn’t have demand or anything like that it was pretty much you had to watch it at that moment. Me and my brothers got so excited when the theme tune came on. I still do now, on a side note me and my partner are watching the Indigo League - he has to skip the intro because I start trying to sing the intro XD. I sadly haven’t bought either of these because with my current setup I wouldn’t be able to display them in the way I would like to. I would almost be worried to display them incase they got bent, dusty or sun bleached and I would probably end up filing them away to be never seen in the light of day.

Link to Erika Szabo channel: 

Prince of Persia Dagger of Time

As a teenager Prince of Persia was one of mine and my Dad’s favourite PS2 games (yes we would fight to see who would play XD). The one of the many aspects I loved about the game was The Dagger of Time and its abilities in the game. I loved that fact you were able to reverse time, slow down time and many more. I haven’t been able to find the exact Dagger of Time that resembles the one in the game. The only one that I could find was the replica from the motion picture Prince of Persia and I wasn’t keen on the film. It was watchable but I felt it had a very cliché ending which from what I remembered from the games wasn’t like that. I felt the stories on the PS2 were really well executed and didn’t use any cliches like in the film (if this is wrong I haven’t played the games in years). If anyone is aware of a website that creates this version of The Dagger of Time let me know!!

Bayonetta Glasses

I never got to play Bayonetta on the PS3 or Xbox 360 but I started playing it when it came out on the Wii U. I have to admit it is hard to play this game using the Wii U Gamepad my hands ached every time but I wouldn’t feel like that when I was playing Legend of Zelda. I have to wear glasses since I was 5 or 6 and I just loved the design of the frame. The shape of the frames suit my face and I was excited to find that you could buy the frame. My original plan was to take the fake glass out and put my prescription in (clever I know XD). Sadly my dream isn’t going to happen because they are either sold out or the frame from Bayonetta 2 are available to buy when I’ve looked. If anyone finds these for sale please let me know I will be forever in your debt.

I think that this is everything on my wishlist but I probably missed or will be adding to this list. Is there anything that you desperately want/wished that someone would create/not expensive/enough space or in stock?? Let me know if there is anything missing from my list that you think I would like.


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