Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Pre-Orders

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) was first released in the early 90’s (EU and North America 1992). At the time this was Nintendo’s second console after the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It was also the best-selling 16-bit console globally but continued to be popular for number years. Nintendo have already released the NES Classic to bring back some of the most cherished retro consoles and games; it was only a matter of time before they would do SNES.  

The SNES has 21 pre-loaded games which include Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country, Star Fox, Final Fantasy III and Legend of Zelda Link to the Past. In comparison to the Classic NES previously released the SNES has nine games less than the NES. The only problem with pre-loaded games is that you won’t be able to add/remove any on there. This isn’t necessarily bad because the selections Nintendo have made are the most popular titles. The one thing I am most looking forward to is Star Fox 2 because this was announced but it was never released. I am surprised that Nintendo did this but its great marketing strategy.  

Nintendo have added more features the SNES that will aid players who aren’t use to the consoles. Originally you couldn’t save the games meaning if you switched off the console you would lose all of your progress and similarly if you died. There is a feature to suspend play which is a great feature but I’m not sure whether you would be able to return to the same point after you died. They have added interchangeable frames for when you are playing the games on the console. This was put in because it was originally designed for a 4x3 screen TV and enlarging the game would make the game out of proportion. That being said there are lots to choose from and Nintendo have cleaned up the graphics that will show off the SNES games.

The current price of the SNES is $79.99 and in the UK £79.99. The majority of the pre-orders have already sold out and it was as soon as the pre-orders could be placed. To put it into perspective there were limited copies and they were all gone in 20mins. I never played the SNES but I hope they make more copies because there are games I have wanted to play.  If you are worried about using SNES controls, Nintendo have added a QR Code that will link you to a manual. Nintendo have included an extra controller so you can instantly start playing multiplayer games like Street Fighter II.


Overall I am excited for the SNES to come out but I am concerned about the limited stock. I’m not sure whether Nintendo will make enough copies and it will end up being a rush on the release date (29th September 2017) to have a chance to pick up the console at your local gaming store. If Nintendo continues to re-release retro consoles, I am hoping that the next console will be the Nintendo 64. In order for me to want to pre-order the N64, it would have to have games like Diddy Kong Racing, Star Wars Shadow of the Empire, Mischief Makers, Goldeneye and Bio F.R.E.A.K.S – maybe Super Mario 64 as well.  

*Since writing this article Nintendo have sinced/rumoured that there is going to be another chance to pre-order due to the popularity so keep a look out!!

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