Video Game Collection Episode III: The Final Episode

Welcome back to my Video Game Collection blog – if you have been following we last looked at the TV Unit and the Square Display. I’m sorry to say but this will our last blog on the collection and I have saved some of the best till last…

Left Side of the Mounted Display Cabinet 

On the top left shelf we have our Legend of Zelda (aka our shrine XD). The games we currently have on this display are Hyrule Warriors (Wii U), Majora’s Mask (3DS) and Skyward Sword (Wii). Hyrule Warriors was Limited Edition that came with Link’s scarf but you could only get this edition in my region (EU). This meant the prices almost doubled because it was exclusive to my region. Majora’s Mask was my second Legend of Zelda I played and is one of my favourites. I love the fact it was a darker game than the other ones in the franchise. I got the collector’s edition which had the pin, the poster and the cool steel book. I didn’t get the Skull Kid figure with it – I managed to pick that up later on when Nintendo were selling them. The Skull Kids were normally given for free if you pre-ordered the game directly through Nintendo. I got Skyward Sword cheaply on eBay – I actually haven’t gotten round to playing it but I am planning to but I got distracted XD. We have the majority of the Amiibos from Smash Bros for LoZ that we placed around the boxes. If you look behind Ganondorf Amiibo – when I was in Game they were selling pouches for the 3DS (I think they are still selling them now). I love how creative they are with the stylus and just generally the design but I’m afraid to use it as I may ruin it from general wear and tear.

On the bottom left shelf are the majority of our games. It’s pretty much used to put as many games as possible in there. We also have a spare Link Amiibo which we decided to keep in the box because we already have one opened. Sometimes it's a struggle that put everything on there and we should really buy another rack to put the rest of the games on.

Right Side of the Mounted Display Cabinet 

On the top shelf we have a Shrine for Mario with Super Mario Maker (Wii U), Mario Kart 8 (Wii U) and the majority of the Mario Amiibos for Smash Bros. The Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition came with the Blue Shell and I’ve got to admit it does look pretty good on the shelf. The irony of having a blue shell in the limited edition is because if you’re in first it aims at you and it’s the constant reminder to not get comfortable in first place. Super Mario Maker came with an 8-Bit Mario and an art book of Mario. I like the fact it has elements of old and new into one.

On the bottom shelf there is an assortment of different collector’s edition. At the back behind the Bravely Default art book there is Okamiden collector’s edition. Okamiden collector’s edition I brought sealed and the collector’s edition was only released in Japan. There are limited copies of the edition especially sealed so I’m quite lucky to pick this up. I have Chibi figure that was a Loot Crate exclusive (it’s on display somewhere else) and an Okami book in Japanese which I both picked up on eBay. Under the Okami book is the Yoshi’s Woolly World game with the Green Yoshi which I mentioned previously in my second blog. On top of the Okamiden there is No Man’s Sky Limited edition which included a comic, art book, a theme and an in game DLC. I haven’t gotten a chance to play it properly but I have heard mixed reviews about this game.

Coffee Table 

On the coffee table we have my favourite figure in our collection the Okami Exclusive statue (left) made by First for Figures. The exclusive statue lights up the celestial disc by USB. Okami Statue is huge and she is about the same length of the table. I love the attention to detail they did on Ammy and she is the first thing you see when you walk into our flat. Chibi is sat on the Okami statue and is the Okamiden Loot Crate exclusive I mentioned earlier. I thought I would put him with Ammy as in Okamiden he is her son. Next to Ammy and Chibi is the Funko Pop Alduin.

Alduin is from Skyrim and I picked him up in a shop called Forbidden Planet (Cardiff). Skyrim is one of those games I could easily lose all sense of time and space in that game. The amount of hours I put into Skyrim was unreal; Skyrim in my opinion is the best open world game.

Majora’s Mask Majora’s

Mask was handmade custom order that I got from Etsy. The shop on Etsy I brought it from was called Masenko Props and they do different masks on there. One of the best parts on the mask is that it can be put on the wall (comes with a hook). The picture doesn’t do the mask justice, it’s actually quite big (roughly 30cm). The mask is another piece that you instantly see when you walk into the flat.

Windwaker The Hero of Time Tapestry

The last piece of the collection is the Windwaker Tapestry piece. We got this when we went to Comic Con in Birmingham. There was a vendor who had done other pieces like the Map of Middle Earth. We picked this one because this is both our favourite game and we could only get one thing XD. The piece of the tapestry we have depicts the legend lives on with some islanders dressing the boys that have come of age in green garbs.  It was said the Elders wished for the young boys to show the same courage as of the Hero of Time.

This is now concludes the Video Game Collection Blogs and I hope you like what you saw. I like to hear what you have in your collection – are there any items in your collection that you are particularly proud of? How have you displayed your collection?
I hope I have given you inspiration on how you can display yours.


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