Video Game Collection Episode II

Welcome back to my Video Game Collection blog – if you have been following we have been looking at the glass cabinet. We are going to move around the room at each display that we’ve created. I like the challenge of having to arrange our collection with the space we have. I understand at times it can be a burden but it can look amazing if it’s done right…

TV Unit 

 This is a prime example of utilising space and making it into a display. I’m not sure you can see but at the back we have the Legend of Zelda Windwaker Wii U Edition. Windwaker is special to me because this was my first Legend of Zelda game I ever played. No I didn’t play it on the GameCube – I wasn’t fortunate enough to experience the GameCube in my youth. Words can’t describe how much I love this game and this started my undying love for Legend of Zelda franchise. We also have the Windwaker Amiibos which I positioned to mimic the front of the Wii U box. It made a good filler space inbetween Twilight Princess and Playstation VR. The only thing I’m not happy about with this display is that Twilight Princess is sitting on top of the Dragon Balls. I would much prefer to make a mini display of them – I did see an awesome stand with Shenron in the middle with stands for all the Dragon Balls.

Under the Display Cabinet 

We have a lot going on underneath our display cabinet. I found the Square Display from Argos for about £30 which is great for display and you also can stack them on top or to the side of each other. I have the special edition of Bravely Second (3DS) and Persona 4 Dancing All Night (PS Vita). I haven’t played Bravely Second because I’m determined to complete Bravely Default first. I’m mad about Funko Pop – I have the dragons from Game of Thrones, Ghost from GoT, Mikasa from Attack on Titan, Zero from Nightmare before Christmas, Kratos from God of War, Princess Leia in disguise and Snow Stormtrooper. The Fallout Bobblehead is for Charisma and I managed to get it cheap off eBay. It’s so adorable and the box has a beautiful design for it as well.

 Top Left Square – Tomb Raider 

When I saw this Tomb Raider figure on eBay I had to get it. I have so many fond memories of my Dad playing the PS1/PS2 games. This franchise was the start of me wanting to play video games. I haven’t personally myself played these games (I’ve played Tomb Raider PS4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox One) but I have tried to revisit the original on the Vita. I forget how difficult these games were and the fact you didn’t have the internet to help you when they first came out. If you were stuck on a certain bit you either had to figure it out yourself or buy a game guide.

Top Right Square – Mobile Suit Gundam Wings 

The Gundams in the picture was put together by my partner. This is one of his favourite animes called Mobile Suit Gundam which is about the mobile suits that have extraordinary power compared to the normal mobile suits. They are used in battles because they have the best technology of the time. This gives an advantage over enemies and they tend to be piloted by the best. My partner enjoyed putting them together but they are a little bit temperamental even if you slightly tweak their position. There are Gundam games available to play on the PS4 and there is an upcoming one called Gundam Versus (I heard this is supposed to be really good).

Bottom Left Square – Link statue from Twilight Princess 

My first statue I brought was Link and at this point I hadn’t played Twilight Princess. I was just captivated by the detail and the fact I adore Legend of Zelda meant I wasn’t leaving without. I brought this in a shop called Forbidden Planet in Cardiff. It’s a small comic book shop which does video game merchandise as well as comic book merchandise. I haven’t taken it out of the box because it has a Velcro window where you can open it and look inside. I think box is generally a nice display in itself which to me gives me more of a reason to keep it inside the box.

Bottom Right Square – Giant Woolly Yoshi and Small Yoshis 

Yoshi’s Woolly World is one of my favourite games on the Wii U. It’s one of the cutest games in my opinion Nintendo has released. Yoshi’s Woolly World is a world made of yarn and wool to make a very colourful/bright game. You play as Yarn Yoshi to complete the various levels and using balls of yarn or your flexibility as Yoshi to overcome various obstacles. Nintendo released Amiibo line for the game and they are made out of wool. I have the Giant Yoshi which you transform into in special areas or items. I have also the Blue and Pink Yoshis that you can play; I believe you can only play them if you have the Amiibos. I have the original Green Yoshi in the Special Edition of the game. This is in the display cabinet above the Square Display.

 On top of the Square Display 

We have various statues from various games and animes on display – I need to get some lights underneath. In the back there is a figure of Agnés from Bravely Default (3DS), this originally was in a collector’s edition. I managed to find Agnés being sold separately on eBay and I purchased her for £7 bidding on eBay. In front I have another Agnés figure from the Bravely Second Collector’s edition which I would say is closer to what she looks like on the 3DS. My partner brought Doom Collector’s edition which came with a Revenant Statue (in the middle). This statue has red LED lights on the stand and when this is turned on, it gives an effect that it’s standing on a fan. I would like to have the lights kept on but it looks a bit difficult to put the batteries in. Next to the small Agnes figure we have Levi from Attack on Titan; this was a Loot Crate Anime exclusive. This came with other cool bits like a notebook in a pouch with a pencil which looks like blade in the anime. Attack On Titan is one of my favourite Animes and I also have the blade replica sword from Comic Con. To the right of the Revenant we have a statue of Reaper from Overwatch (this is a copy I picked up on eBay). Reaper is my main character I play in Overwatch and he is my all-time favourite to play. Last of all is the Gundam Unicorn my partner built – he loves building figurines especially from the Gundam line. I haven’t heard much about Gundam Unicorn and it was only recently that I knew there was anime.

Yet again I’ve forgotten the size our collection and will have to do another episode. We are nearing the last episode of the Video Game Collection. Stay tuned for the next episode of the Video Game Collection.


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